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Learning by Dialogue applies a dialogue based approach to group learning resources for adult educators, training and staff development specialists, with practical learner-centered programs that demonstrate how to tell less and teach more.
Dr. Joye Norris
Founder, Lead Consultant and Trainer

What Program Participants Say

"You are to be congratulated on creating a learning tool that can enrich the life of anyone taking your course, as well as providing a mechanism through which others can pass along the good news about learning. It was just magic for me."
"I have been through so many sessions addressing adult learning styles, etc., but never have I seen the participants respond and learn the way I did with your session. Nor can I recall when I have picked up- or reinforced - so much practical information. I assure you that I will "borrow" some of your techniques and incorporate them into my training sessions."
-Meetings Professional
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The "telling and showing" model of teaching gives way to a "doing and knowing" paradigm by applying the tools and methods of the learning by dialogue training programs. The dialogue based approach to group learning offers educators, trainers and staff development specialists:

  • The principles and practices of a dynamic, more useful approach to adult education, and how to apply them to everyday classroom training
  • A curriculum design format that will allow you to more effectively teach what you know and transform your current curriculum into one that is more compelling and memorable
  • The key facilitation skills that set the stage for increased learner engagement, interaction and dialogue
  • A brain-based learning foundation that adds science to the art of teaching by incorporating the latest scientific research into proven training methods
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