About Learning By Dialogue and its founder Dr. Joye Norris


Courses and Workshops for those who want to Teach others what they know Develop programs that are content-rich, motivational and practical Become a trainer Teach others how to teach Design workshops, institutes, conferences and seminars that engage all the participants in dialogue.

Learning By Dialogue was created by educator and trainer Dr. Joye Norris. While earning her doctorate in Counselor Education at NC State University, Joye began teaching adult literacy classes and discovered her passion for adult education. It wasn't too long before she found the method to match the passion! She studied with Dr. Jane Vella, a pioneering and courageous teacher and mentor to hundreds of others who always knew lecture just wasn't the best or most respectful way to teach.

"What greater sound is there to a teacher than voices raised in dialogue, full of energy, eagerness and enthusiasm- and the joy of learning? Experience that sound for yourself. Find out what folks are talking about when they mention raising all voices, partner interactions, and sharing the air time! Remember that people love to learn, are equipped to learn, and want to learn. Tap into the joy today. In the words of a recent participant, 'It's magic!' "
Dr. Joye Norris

For the past two decades, Joye has been combining her background in human growth and development with the exciting teaching methodology that raises all voices, elevates people, and gets concrete results.

Nutrition educators, community organizers and community development specialists, nurses, literacy instructors, meeting management professionals, peer lending groups, and various associations have improved their designing and teaching skills through Learning By Dialogue. Click here to find out how Joye and her company can help you!

A participant in a Learning By Dialogue workshop shared with a group of teachers for youth-at-risk what the word "encouragement" meant. "It means to put passion in the heart!" Joye strives to put passion in the hearts of educators and trainers- a passion for learning, for teaching, and for tapping into the tremendous potential of their learners- and themselves.


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