Clients, and what they're saying about Learning By Dialogue workshops.


What Others Have Said

"Of the many presentations I have attended as a Nutrition Educator, Joye presented one of the best sessions on teaching I have ever experienced. Her presentation style, the content, and her ability to engage the audience make her a delightful learning experience... We had at least 300 people and Joye had every one of them participating and learning. She promised to give each person something effective they could use the next day - and she kept her promise." (Nutrition Educator)

"Your Learning By Dialogue has opened up a new world for me. I was always looking for new ideas to make adult learning fun and now I have a tool that is working!" (Consultant)

"Last night I taught a group on budgeting and grocery shopping. Well, I tried many of the ideas you shared with us at our conference and the results blew my mind! I waited for responses and didn't call on people and they really opened up! Thank you for making me a better facilitator." (Nutrition Paraprofessional)

"I valued your 1-day workshop so much. I have used many of the approaches you brought to us in my training, consulting, and teaching. It was risky and fun! I was so ready for something new! (Non-profit Director)

Partial Client list

  • University based Cooperative Extension Nutrition
  • Programs including EFNEP and SNAP-Ed, most recently Kansas State, University of Illinois, Oklahoma State, New Mexico State, Purdue, Virginia Tech, Washington State, University of Georgia, Cornell.
  • Allied Health Educators (Wake AHEC, Raleigh, NC)
  • Eat Well Play Hard in Childcare Settings (New York)
  • VA Maryland Health Care System MOVE Program
  • Just Say Yes to Fruits and Vegetables (New York)
  • Nevada and Arizona WIC
  • North Carolina Center For Nursing
  • Food Bank of Central New York
  • Society for Nutrition Education
  • Mountain Microenterprise - Asheville, NC
  • Baptist Health of South Florida
  • American Dietetic Association

"Your training in dialogue facilitation has given me the tools to bring together diverse community agencies and organizations for successful strategic planning initiatives. The skills I learned from you have been invaluable in helping me to raise all voices in the process of creating true community-wide participation. Thank you!" (Community Development Specialist)

I wanted to say "Thanks!" for yesterday's facilitation skills training. After 28 years of MCE in-service trainings, I can tell it's been a good day when the time flies and I'm energized at the end of the day! In particular, I've challenged myself to (1) wait five seconds, (2) ask "What are your questions?", (3) try partnerships more frequently, (4) tell folks, upfront, that I won't call on them or single them out, and (5) try suspense & surprise. I think this old gal got home with a host of new ideas! (Extension Educator)

Thanks to you and the Summer Institute I have a new job teaching in the dental assisting program at...proprietary college. I am now out of clinical dental hygiene and into teaching...I can now use all those good tools-silence, anchoring, help don't hover. I have initiated the hand raised signal for attention--it works! I just thank you so very much for your time, expertise and HEART! That is definitely the difference. The director of the program and the only other dental assistant instructor are of the same "Ya Gotta Have Heart" philosophy. We are going to have a wonderful teaching/facilitating time. I can't wait. (Dental Assistant Instructor)

Dr. Norris is currently not conducting in-person workshops or seminars.


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