Contact Dr. Joye Norris

Getting in touch is easy!

Call Dr. Norris at 843-450-8173 or Email her at

Dr. Norris is currently not conducting in-person workshops or seminars.

What you can expect...

Dr. Norris will talk with you about your particular needs so a program can be tailored for you or your group. You will then receive a proposal letter, make your decision, and if it's "yes" contract with Dr. Norris to provide the program or consultation. It's all about what you need.

Honoraria and Fees...

Learning By Dialogue programs and consultation are very reasonably priced and cost effective. Fees are discussed only through direct conversation with Dr. Norris. You will hear about all your options.

Additional Information...Need more?

Upon request, you will receive course and workshop objectives, references, and client feedback. Please be specific!

Do the course and consultation options described here not quite meet your needs?

Learning By Dialogue can customize training specifically for your group and always has additional workshop options. Just ask!


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