The Community Educator's Little Book of Interesting Ideas

This title is currently out of print.

The Community Educator's Little Book of Interesting Ideas is the third in a series of books designed to help you place less of yourself and more of your learners into the center of attention. Like From Telling to Teaching and Ya Gotta Have Heart! it features a learner centered, dialogue based approach to teaching and learning. If you are already implementing a "less of you and more of them" methodology, the Little Book will support your efforts and encourage you to expand them.

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If you are just now contemplating moving away from a more traditional lecture/slide presentation/handouts style of teaching, The Little Book offers you plenty of inspiration to get started. Dr. Norris has gathered in one place many of the quotes and insights from two decades of workshops with literally thousands of educators who are trying to improve the lives of their participants. The Little Book is not a book of techniques, although it offers plenty of suggestions.

Among its essays are "The Angel's Voice;' "No Retreat, No Surrender;" "How Sweet The Sound;' "Circles;' and "Being Changed:' If you are teaching older youth and adults in any number of settings from college classrooms to homeless shelters, health departments to prisons, food banks to church basements, literacy programs to job training, the Little Book stands ready to support and inspire you. After all, that's already what you do for others every single day you teach.

The Little Book of Interesting Ideas continues the tradition of helping you become more learner centered and raise all voices - not just yours - in any adult education setting.


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