Coming in 2013

Celebration Centered Teaching and Learning

A how-to guide for community educators so they can :

Chapters will include:

  • What's To Celebrate?
  • Teaching For The "Now" Is Not Enough
  • Attitude Adjustment Required
  • Everything Old Is New Again!
  • Making A Long Story Short
  • The One Who Does the Work Does the Learning
  • How To Ask Good Questions
  • How To Teach Your Learners To Ask Questions - Now and Later

Readers will see lots of detailed examples and plenty of suggestions for starting the celebration (also known as "a joyful occasion") in their classrooms, wherever those classrooms may be. If you are interested in not just teaching but also in "growing" people, Celebration Centered Teaching and Learning will help you get started or enhance what you already do.

Celebration Centered Teaching and Learning will be offered in book form and also as a one day workshop. All Learning By Dialogue workshops model a learner centered, dialogue approach to teaching and include lots of celebration! A free study guide will be included.


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