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Ya Gotta Have Heart! A Community Educator's Guide To Facilitation Skills

Are you responsible for community educators who have "miles and miles of heart," but need guidance to implement more engaging and meaningful lessons or workshops?

Have you been hoping for a way to address educator attitudes, enthusiasm, and energy?

Would you appreciate a book that is written in a very personal and accessible style, appropriate for all levels of staff, including your educators?

Ya Gotta Have Heart! was written for you and your educators. Based on a firm foundation of a learner-centered, dialogue approach to teaching and learning, this book offers:

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Ya Gotta Have Heart! expands upon From Telling To Teaching, and is full of examples drawn from Dr. Norris's twenty years of experience with community educators nationwide. It is written in a very personal and accessible style, and is appropriate for all levels of staff, including the educators themselves.

"Once again I will be giving Ya Gotta have Heart! to graduates of our initial nutrition educator training program. It's a wonderful, easy to use resource, and one the educators will come back to again and again!"
(Extension Nutrition Supervisor)

Included with the purchase of Ya Gotta Have Heart! is a FREE and REPRINTABLE 50 - page Study Guide, sent electronically in a .pdf format!

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